Live painting + more art up on page

Tonight I’m going to be creating live art at the PoetryPalooza event in Venice.  I’m sure we’ve all seen painters at events start with a blank canvas and paint live, sometimes “inspired” by the music or whatever is happening.  I’d never seen it done with digital tools, though.  And I think my techniques are pretty unique and might be interesting to watch, so when my friend Jessica put out a call for visual artists for her event, I suggested doing this!

I’ll probably be concentrating on what I’m doing more than what’s being said on the mic, but I’m sure I’ll absorb some sort of inspiration from the atmosphere!  I’ll be starting with a blank page, no plan.  Never has a piece turned out like I imagined it anyway, and so I quickly learned to not worry about the end product, and just keep going until I like what I see.  Then I usually go some more!  My stuff is pretty abstract anyway, so I just trust myself to feel when it’s done.  And anyway, one of the advantages in the digital medium is the Undo function!

I also decided that anyone who attends should get a copy of the piece(s) that I produce there.  So, I’ll give people who sign my email list a link so they can download a copy for their own safe keeping!  I think that’ll be a nice reminder of a fun event.

So, in trying to be a little proactive, I put up some more pieces on the Art page for people to view and purchase.  I got some new business cards for my art, with the web page address on ’em.  At least I’m trying to act like I take this stuff seriously!