Duncan Wimpress: “Letters From The War” + audio stories

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I’m putting this page up on the anniversary of D-Day, June 6th, 2016.  My father, Gordon Duncan Wimpress Jr., landed on a beach in France this day in 1944.

He wrote letters to my Great Aunt Helen, his favorite aunt, from the time of his enlistment into the Army through the end of World War II. My aunt kept all these letters, which were stored in a lovely piece of furniture which I inherited. After my dad’s passing, I re-discovered these letters.  With the incredible encouragement and help of my wife Angie, as well as the great cover art by my nephew Jon Huston, I assembled the letters into a book, called “Letters From The War”. I gave bound copies of this book to members of my family, and included an audio CD of war stories my father told to me later in life.  It being D-Day, I realized that people need to know more stories like his, so I’m proud to post it here for your enjoyment.

NEW!  I’ve uploaded 6 tracks of one or both of my parents talking about old times, family history, and the war, recorded from between 2013 to 2018.  When I would visit them, we’d sit around the table and I’d try to draw stories out.  If they got talking, I pulled out my phone and started recording.  The audio quality is what it is, but it’s fun to hear the stories, and their wit, and their voices.

P.S.:  Please comment about this book on my blog post for it, HERE.

Letters From The War -- Duncan Wimpress
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