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Fall Leaves4
“Fall Leaves #4”

"Never The Same Twice"
“Never The Same Twice”


Artistic Bio

gdw3 (a.k.a. Gordon Wimpress) has been making abstract art for over 2 decades.  He uses digital tools in unique and unusual ways, creating images that are one-of-a-kind, colorful (or not), weird, cool, different, and fun.  gdw3’s images have appeared in gallery shows, album covers, websites, videos, and on the walls of discerning collectors.
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Jammin' at Sacred Fools
Jammin’ at Sacred Fools

Disasteroid! band
Disasteroid! band

Musical Bio

Drawing on 30+ years playing guitar and bass as well as a degree in Composition from the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, Gordon has an extensive and varied musical background, having performed and written everything from hard rock to reggae, jazz to punk to ambient.  He also teaches private lessons, and is an in-demand performer for live and studio work.

Past projects include playing principal guitar in the live stage bands for the musicals “Skullduggery”, “Shakespeare’s Last Night Out”, and “Disasteroid!”.  Formerly producer/engineer/instrumentalist/songwriter for the original music project YesGo.  A video that YesGo produced and performed their song won a contest as part of a project aimed at raising awareness for survivors of sexual assault.  Gordon has written music for film and t.v. as well released music under his own name, or as his alter-ego:  gdw3. He also released an album of ambient textural guitar tunes called “Meditative Ambient”.
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