Enjoy a coupla YouTube playlists with a bunch of my guitar playing!
New stuff added Feb. ’23!

Playlist:  G guitar jams

Playlist:  Fragments

RE:  “gdw3 Fragments” —
As long as I’ve played guitar, I’ve recorded myself playing chord progressions and licks.
Mainly so I could remember them. Some of them turn into songs. A lot don’t.
I decided to start recording them on video.
Since there are no lyrics, I get to come up with whatever weird title I can think of at the time.
Maybe they’ll become something when they grow up,
or maybe someone likes one or more of them, and wants to collaborate on song writing???
Ya never know….

I recently streamed 2 live sets of chill original ambient music, video, and art. Watch ’em!:


Listen to some of my original recorded music!
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All tunes written, recorded, and performed by Gordon Wimpress.

Monday Things with G:

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Monday Thing date slate 8-10-2020 Monday Thing date slate 8-17-2020 Monday Thing date slate 8-31-2020 Monday Thing date slate 9-7-2020
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Quarantine Qoncert series

Quarantine Qoncert #5:  Guitar!” features a full set with me playing electric guitar over (mostly) original tunes.
Here’s a playlist from “QQ #5“:

During QQ#5, I do a tribute to friend and great drummer, Carlos “Los” Lopez.
I perform 3 tunes that Carlos plays on, and they are great fun!
Click HERE to watch the Carlos segment, including stories!!

Quarantine Qoncert #5: Guitar!Click to view flyer

Quarantine Qoncerts #1-4:

Quarantine Qoncert #1 - Ambient Quarantine Qoncert #2 - Cigar Box Quarantine Qoncert #1 - Covers Quarantine Qoncert #4 - Acoustic Punk!

There’s something for everyone:  acoustic, ambient, punk, instrumentals, covers, even a set of cigar box guitar tunes!

Looking for YesGo stuff? Click here!Monday Thing date slate 8-10-2020