I have a couple of new YouTube playlists with a bunch of guitar playing!

Playlist:  G guitar jams

Playlist:  Fragments

The Fragments are fun.
As long as I’ve played guitar, I’ve always recorded myself playing chord progressions and licks.
Mainly so I could remember them.
Some of them turn into songs. A lot don’t.
Since there are no lyrics (yet), I get to come up with whatever title I can think of at the time.
Maybe someone likes one or more of them, and wants to collaborate on song writing???


I recently streamed 2 live sets of chill original ambient music, video, and art. Watch ’em!:


Click a track on the player to listen some of my original recorded music!
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All tunes written, recorded, and performed by Gordon Wimpress.

Monday Things with G:

(Click a date to watch. See video description for song listings)
Monday Thing date slate 8-10-2020 Monday Thing date slate 8-17-2020 Monday Thing date slate 8-31-2020 Monday Thing date slate 9-7-2020
Monday Thing date slate 9-14-2020 Monday Thing date slate 9-21-2020 Monday Thing date slate 10-19-2020 Monday Thing date slate 11-2-2020

Quarantine Qoncert series

Quarantine Qoncert #5:  Guitar!” features a full set with me playing electric guitar over (mostly) original tunes.
Here’s a playlist from “QQ #5“:

During QQ#5, I do a tribute to friend and great drummer, Carlos “Los” Lopez.
I perform 3 tunes that Carlos plays on, and they are great fun!
Click HERE to watch the Carlos segment!

Quarantine Qoncert #5: Guitar!Click to view flyer

Quarantine Qoncerts #1-4:

Quarantine Qoncert #1 - Ambient Quarantine Qoncert #2 - Cigar Box Quarantine Qoncert #1 - Covers Quarantine Qoncert #4 - Acoustic Punk!

There’s something for everyone:  acoustic, ambient, punk, instrumentals, covers, even a set of cigar box guitar tunes!

Looking for YesGo stuff? Click here!Monday Thing date slate 8-10-2020