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Quarantine Qoncert series

LIVE music from the lockdown! 

My most recent show “Quarantine Qoncert #5:  Guitar!”, features upgraded audio and video, with me playing electric guitar over (mostly) original tunes.

Here’s a playlist from “QQ #5”:

The first video in the playlist is an edited MUSIC-ONLY version of the show — tight, with no talk, all jams! 

Next, in the full raw recording, I take a minute or two in between each tune and talk about it.  Raw and uncut!  Includes pre-show music, banter and stories, warts and all!

During QQ#5, I do a tribute to friend and great drummer, Carlos “Los” Lopez.  I play 3 tunes that Carlos plays on, and they are great fun!  Watch the full raw version of the show for Carlos stories!

Plus I’ve broken out each song into its own separate video as well.  Collect ’em all!


QQs #1-4:

Go HERE to find a Playlist of ALL FIVE Quarantine Qoncerts 

There’s something for everyone:  acoustic, ambient, punk, instrumentals, covers, even a set of cigar box guitar tunes!



Click below and enjoy some of my original recorded music!

Enter a comment on a track, or send me a  message!

All tunes written, recorded, and performed by Gordon Wimpress.
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