Had a couple of great nights jamming with a couple friends, one old and one new.

Last night, went over to my friend Jonathan H.’s house. He’s a real good player, went to Berklee, and is as much a guitar geek as me. We spent half the night talking about stomp boxes and pickups and amps, etc., and the other half just jamming on stuff, switching back and forth, trying each other’s gear (no, that’s NOT a euphemism). Made his neighbor mad, which is often a sign of fun being had!

Tonight, my old buddy Dave Wave came by. He and I were in a band for quite a while called Action Figure together a million years ago when we lived in Reno. That was a great and creative band, and some of the best times of my life. I’m really glad we have stayed in touch. He lives in Ohio, but travels a lot for work, and is out here this week. So, we had him over, and Angie cooked up some yummy pasta w/ veggies and snausages. Then, it was jam time, and boy, we fell right into it. Even played a couple AF tunes. He probably has more of my recorded music in his possession than anybody else. I gave him an art print to take with him. Great to see ol’ Davo in person again.  Angie took a couple action photos.  Will have to put those up soon….

So, I’m feeling in real good guitar shape right now. I should record something!